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    Posted by: Ember Blue Posted date: 2:00 AM / comment : 0


    Each Thursday, The Witch Snitch will host the follow Meme - "Glinda the Good, Asks What if you Could?"
    What:  A new question book, movie, or tv-related will be asked for you to answer!  You'll respond with what you would do in that situation, context, or role. 
    Who:  Everyone can participate in this Meme!  Just please use the picture beside here and include in your post "MeMe courtesy of The Witch Snitch", and include a link to my page!  Also, leave a link to your post in the comments on my post so we can all see each other's answers! 
    When:  Here are the questions for the next ten Thursdays.
    Want to participate?  See how here.

    If you could be any witch from any book, movie, or television series, who would you be and why?
    This was a hard choice for me.  At first glance, of course I would pick Winifred Sanderson, but that would be too obvious.  At second glance, I would pick Glinda because of her pretty dresses and flying bubbles, but that would be too obvious as well.  So, I finally settled with the voluptuously evil Ursula.  The sultry sea witch can take what she pleases from willing souls, and uses her manipulative persuasion to get it.  Although, yes, I wouldn't want to be evil, it would still be fun to get to be anything you want to be.  Also - I love her curves and how proud she is of them!  Shake it, girl.

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