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    Posted by: Ember Blue Posted date: 7:07 AM / comment : 0

    I'm pretty sure I have watched all of the Buffy episodes at least twenty times.  I just couldn't resist putting a list of my favorite episodes.  There was a time I was embarrassed that I loved the show so much, but actually it helped me through a lot of bad times in my life.  So here is my list, with NO SHAME.

    Season 2, Episode Six - Halloween

    In this episode, Ethan Rayne sells Halloween costumes that 'come to life'.  You literally become what you wear.  Seeing Buffy as a scared, innocent girl, watching Xander be all badass, and seeing Willow become so confident made this one of my favorite episodes.

    Season 3, Episode 6 - Band Candy

    Don't lie.  You know Giles is sexy in this episode.  Seeing him act like the old him and Buffy having to scold him - priceless.  Oh, and don't forget the Principal.  I've never laughed so hard.

    Season 4, Episode 10 - Hush

     This episode?  Creepy as F*CK.  The soundtrack, the villains, and seeing all the actors having to preform without speaking just showed the heavy talent in this show.

    Season 5, Episode 7 - Fool For Love

    The actor who plays Spike shows off his MAD-CRAZY acting skills.  The writing and directing of this episode is off the charts.  If I had to pick one episode that was my favorite, it would be this one.  The character development from human-Spike to the Spike we see now is a brilliant ride.

    Season 5, Episode 16 - The Body

    So many shows have episodes where a close family or friend dies, but the grief and shock never feels realistic.  After losing my mom this last year, I realized exactly how astounding this episode was.  The acting was true to real emotions and not having any soundtrack behind it was haunting.  

    Season 5, Episode 22 - The Gift

    Buffy dying in this episode actually made me cry.  Seeing her sacrifice showed not only the heroine inside of her, but also the love she had for her friends and family.  The soundtrack to this gave me chills.  Seeing Spike collapse and the pain on Giles face - wow.  Great acting.

    Season 6, Episodes 1 and 2 - The Bargaining

    This two-part episode is when Buffy comes back from the dead.  Seeing the beginnings of total bad-ass Willow, Spikes reaction to seeing Buffy again and his protection of Dawn, as well as the excellent backdrop and filming makes this one of my favorite episodes.

    Season 6, Episode 7 - Once More, With Feeling

    Seriously.  Who didn't love this episode?  I even bought the soundtrack.  This episode was so awesome, it seemed to have start the fad of having a musical episode in TV-shows.  And the kiss between Spike and Buffy at the end.  I collapsed with happiness.

    Season 6, Episode 21 - Two to Go

    It's like I had been waiting for Willow to go all baddy the whole season when I saw this finale.  Although you want the good Willow back, this was one of my favorite episodes.  My favorite part?  When Giles showed up right at the end.

    Season 6, Episode 22 - Grave

    Ugh.  TEARS, TEARS, AND MORE TEARS.  The soundtrack to this episode is awesome and the acting is spectacular.  It seriously makes me want the actress who plays Willow to do another serious role.  Seeing Willow break down and have Xander save the world helped show the many aspects of love.

    Season 7, Episode 10 - Bring on the Night

    The 'Thunderdome' fight in this episode had my pulse pumping.  I was cheering for Buffy when she showed them up for doubting her.  And when she saved Spike in the end?  The look between them made me melt.

    Season 7, Episode 20 - Touched

    The moment between Spike and Buffy in this episode will forever make me a Spuffy shipper. This scene and their romance seems way more realistic and true then anything she had with Angel.  (Don't hate me Angel fans).  

    We all loved the series finale, even though I'm sure most of us cried when it was over.  Hope you liked my list!  Now I feel like I have to watch it again...   Perhaps a Favorite Angel Episodes list is in your future.....

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